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Creating great Podcasts

Find out how podcasts can build and sustain deep relationships across your business - there's more to it than just a microphone.

Develop your podcast strategy

We can work with you to develop a clear podcasting strategy to ensure you get the best results for your time, effort and budget.

We add value to your communications investment from the word go:

  • Reviewing your broader communication campaign and target audience

  • Specifying what you want to achieve from your podcast 

  • Reviewing how podcasting fits with you other communications activities

  • Drilling down to the core proposition and the most effective messaging 

  • Auditing existing resources you have to support the podcast creation


We're currently working remotely with clients and our process includes remote recording in high-quality audio.


Podcasting is growing 

+ 24% year on year


Podcasting is big in the UK

16,000,000 reach


A huge potential audience

For your products and services


Active listeners eager to hear you

7,000,000+ per week

A sound part of your marketing mix

Recording Studio

Message development

Storyboarding and flow-charting

Outlining and scripting

Chapertising the content

Choosing voice-over artists or coaching your own presenters​

Developing a sonic brand

Choosing voice over artist


Selecting music and sound effects


Optimising ​call to action for audio​

Design your podcast content

Outlining and scripting

We map out how your message breaks into suitable 'chunks' or chapters that are then created in a logical sequence that retains audience interest.



We advise on the optimal number of topics per 'episode' to avoid 'turn-off' and we advise if a topic is unsuited to being spread over multiple episodes.


We can translate your brand guidelines into a sonic brand identity and incorporate that into the podcast. We'll advise on how best to integrate your call to action to get maximum response.

Voice-over, music and sound effects 

We'll help you choose a voice over artist - or we can coach your in-house presenter. We'll also help you select music and sound effects and overall audio treatment that will make the final result engaging and compelling.


Engage your audience

As the audience for podcasts continues to grow, there has never been a better time to start a podcast for your business, brand, or a personal hobby. You have to give your listeners a reason to follow your show and this means creating a podcast that is actionable. This type of content explains how your listeners can do something, not just what they should do or why, it gives them practical directions that can be applied in real life to satisfy a need.

Many companies are beginning to use podcasting as a valuable marketing avenue to drive engagement, build brand authority, and boost sales. 

Most of us listen to podcasts on the go. Time is valuable and your carefully crafted podcast must catch the attention within the first few minutes.  

A catchy intro is a great way to start your podcast, this can be produced in a number of ways and at Weald Productions we offer advice as part of our planning process. Above all, don't beat about the bush, be direct and to the point to keep your listener engaged and curious about what the episode is going to cover.