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"How are we coming out of Lockdown - as individuals and as businesses?"

Weald Coaching supports leaders, senior managers and employees as they adjust to the personal challenges of restarting after the pandemic and the working restrictions.


Weald Consulting supports businesses in reassessing how they change and grow in their markets that are fundamentally impacted by issues such as remote working, growth in online competition and customer's evolving expectations

Coaching - Leaders, Senior Managers and Rising Stars

If you are a CEO, board director or managing partner, coaching can help you and your colleagues to take advantage of the new ways of working that have emerged during 'lockdown', so that, as the 'new normal' gathers pace, you and your team members are fully prepared.


In some cases that is about adjusting personally to the challenges of working flexibly from home, keeping in touch and engaged with colleagues, motivating remote teams and onboarding new staff without direct face to face contact. In other cases, it's about hearing and supporting colleagues and recognising the different impact that changing work patterns can have on individuals' health and wellbeing and the knock-on effect on their family and friends.

Coaching for Leaders, Senior Manager and Rising Stars has always focussed on producing powerful results to grow businesses and other organisations through the development and growth of key individuals. As we emerge from the Coronavirus pandemic a focus on the crucial role of the individual - their beliefs, motivations and behaviour - has never been more important as a key ingredient for organisational success.


Our Leadership Coach, Steve Paul, is offering a series of Post Pandemic leadership coaching sessions specifically to support during the next period as we emerge from lockdown.

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Coaching Results

Agile working post-COVID-19

Making the most of remote collaboration

Presenting and holding meetings online

Creating structure - avoiding overwhelm 

Interviewing and hiring new staff

Motivating teams and resolving conflict

Making the business a great place to work - with staff high well-being

Young Business Colleagues

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Consulting Services

Business purpose, vision and mission


Alignment of strategy to core values


Proposition and positioning

Brand hierarchy

Digital strategy

Internal communications: values/behaviour

Workshop facilitation

Training for presentations and pitches

Consulting - brand, digital and business success

Any business or organisation large or small, newly formed or long-established needs to think about the longer-term vision. The challenge at this time as we come out of lockdown is that day to day management of people working remotely and restarting face to face operations can take up all the time and attention of the directors and leave little time left for more strategic thinking.

Our consulting practice is different to many others: we’re founded on the principle of helping you build capabilities, confidence and a positive attitude in your own board of directors and senior staff.  So that you, as a business, can take care of the big picture.

Our consulting team will facilitate your leadership team in working together to address the areas that are crucial for sustained growth and for achieving the goals that make up your business ambition. We will unblock internal communications, remove hurdles and transform unhelpful conflict into proactive collaboration.


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