Weald Business Network

"Sound business dialogue between business people in the Weald"

Networking events for members and guest members

Network membership with business benefits and added-value services

Networking Events 

Weald Business Networking events are different! They're free to join and include these added-value benefits:

  • Events are held online every month and are free to attend 


  • Notable guest speakers cover relevant business and leadership topics

  • There are structured, multi-person breakout sessions

  • After the breakout sessions, there is a facilitated discussion 

  • A special offer is available to all attendees

  • Post-event, attendees can access a podcast of the speaker's talk 


  • Attendees can access contact details for individual follow up

Weald Business Network

Upcoming Event

Guest Speaker

Ingrid Brown

Founder and Principal - Bright Space


- Breakout sessions

- Group discussion

- Access to podcasts

- Open networking

Tuesday 22nd June 2021

08:30 - 09:45

Young Business Colleagues

Access to Network archive

Business Clinics

Coach and Mentoring

Specialist practitioners

Media interview spots

Advertising opportunities

Business Lab

In-person Events

Benefits for members

Business Network Membership

Weald Business Network provides a deeper connection between members that goes beyond networking events.


The network is a subscription-based membership for people looking to grow their business, make connections and access additional services from across the Weald. The £400 monthly subscription includes:

  • Access to archive content of all Weald Business Networking events

  • Group Business Clinic every 2 months 

  • 1-2-1 access to a business leadership coach - 90 minutes/month​​

  • 1-2-1 access to a featured topic practitioner - 30 minutes/month​​​


  • Quarterly guest interview spot on Weald Radio

  • Member rates for Weald Radio and Business Network advertising


  • Access to Weald Business Lab Facebook group/listing

  • Biannual in-person Business Network Event (supplementary charge)