"Giving voice to the region"

About Weald Productions

We're a communications and sound production agency, specialising in podcasting, digital radio, business networking, coaching and consulting.

Sound is core to what we do, it's what we specialise in, it's what we love.


All the services we provide for clients, and the digital radio channel we broadcast to the public, are founded on the principle that sound is a powerful way for people to communicate. We believe these are some of the reasons sound is so powerful.


  • Sound is one of the principal ways in which we perceive what is happening in the world around us and by which we communicate with the people in it


  • Sound communication can be front of mind or ambient, immersive or superficial, requiring attention or received subliminally


  • Sound creates mood and evokes emotion, provides information and motivates action, facilitates dialogue and builds relationships


  • Sound is used for creative, educational, community and business communication


  • Sound is an area of specialism that requires focussed expertise for maximum communications effectiveness

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Map of The Weald
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by Vita Sackville-West

The Weald Story

"A huge city, that’s not a city"


The Weald is more than just a region in the South-East; it’s a huge city that isn’t a city, it’s a castle, a garden, a village, a town, a farm, a forest, a Roman road.

The Weald is an area of outstanding natural beauty that stretches from the Marshes of Kent through East Sussex, West Sussex and into Surrey and Hampshire.

The Weald has always been a hub of economic and creative activity. A place where people of diverse cultures, interests, ambitions and capabilities live, work and play together.

Today the Weald is a region that is being re-energised as a place to live and work, as the general trend towards working from home (rather than commuting to the big city) has been accelerated by the Covid Pandemic.

Citizens of the Weald want to get a sense of what is around them where they live and where they now work. People, families, communities, schools, businesses and other organisations all want to get more out of being local.


Our Vision and Values

"Diversity, inclusion, connection"

Our vision is that the people across the Weald live and work in a region of connected and thriving local areas. Their immediate community of family,  friends and colleagues is enriched because it is part of a wider cultural, economic and creative constituency.


The Weald has historical roots - many in the past have come to live and work and contribute to the area - but it also has a modern outlook. That modern outlook is what is at the core of our values. The people of the Weald are more diverse in ethnicity, capability, talents than any other region in the country. Our core values are centred around inclusion because we believe that recognising and embracing diversity contributes to the quality of life for all who work and live in the Weald.


Weald Productions, and related businesses, is founded on the principle of 'Sound Communication'. We believe that sound is a highly democratic and inclusive medium: sound does not single out differences in colour of a person's skin; sound does not highlight physical disability or deformity; sound is the medium where meaning is translated through words, music and sounds that can be factual, emotional, entertaining, educational.

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Our Wealden Responsibility

"Giving voice to the region"


We believe we have a responsibility to the region where we, and where our Weald Productions customers and our Weald Radio audience, live and work.​ We aim actively to support initiatives that our companions in the Weald believe are important and relevant.

We know there will be a continued focus on wellbeing, health, helping local communities and the environment – so we want to create initiatives that make a difference to people’s lives and where they live.

First and foremost we will be giving voice to the region of the Weald. Through our Sound Production services, we will enable anyone to tell their story in words, in music and in soundscapes. Through Weald Radio we'll contribute to helping everyone to get more out of local: services, communities, employment, news and events, culture and entertainment.

Our Weald Business Network is the way we will help businesses and other organisations connect and get to know and work together. Sound Dialogue is about hearing what our companions across the Weald have to say.

Our Coaching and Consulting Services go deeper into facilitating change and growth for individuals and businesses as they face the future. Giving space and time to help owners and leaders of businesses in the Weald.


Meet The Weald Team


Paul Harvey

Founder & Commercial Director

Weald Productions

Throughout my career, I've worked in Sales and Business Development for a number of media-related organisations – local and national radio (including Classic FM), TV and newspapers – as well as in the Legal sector.

As a co-founder of Weald Productions, I'll use my experience, passion and expertise in developing successful businesses relationship to help our clients achieve their growth objectives.

Weald Radio

I co-founded Weald Radio with the aim of helping organisations, throughout the region of The Weald, connect on a deeper level with their customers, employees and stakeholders.

Information and entertainment go hand in hand and I'll be working to bring the perfect combination to Weald Radio.

Photo of Paul Harvey
Photo of Steve Paul

Steve Paul

Leadership Coach & Marketing Consultant

Weald Productions

I've been a communicator all my career - in senior marketing and sales roles at large corporations including IBM-Lotus, Harper Collins and the BBC and as a Client Director at leading digital agencies.

I now work throughout the Weald area as a coach and consultant to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses and I'm excited to be at the early phase of Weald Productions.

Weald Radio

My connection with radio goes back to my time as Marketing Director at Philips Electronics when radio advertising formed a key part of the marketing mix.

Since then I have worked with many leading broadcasters: BBC, BSkyB and Discovery Channel.

I'll be a regular host of the Weald Radio Busines Clinic.

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